Pantyhose should be impenetrable by mosquitos.

I was at a party last night that was partly outdoors. Being outside wasn’t entirely necessary after the bugs started coming out, but the music got loud and going outside was entirely necessary for those heart-to-heart conversations I love to have. I didn’t have bug spray with me, but I just assumed that my stockings would protect my legs. How silly of me. I am now covered in welt-size bites, which gives me another reason not to wear shorts. However, they didn’t even come near my exposed arms, I guess they were up for a challenge.

Is it October yet? Now that the Stanley Cup has been awarded, thus begins the dog days of summer. I like the summer, I love the Mets (even when they have horrific 15-0 shutouts and are so injury ridden they’re hardly recognizable), but there is only so much baseball I can watch day in and day out. Preseason football starts again in August but even that seems lightyears away. My hockey team is in shambles right now. Half our coaching staff has yet to be hired after Black Friday at the Pepsi Center, and we’re dangerously close to the cap without hearing one way or another from the cap’n. But even so, to me, watching my 28th place hockey team on a bad day (of which there were many) is still better than the drought of summer where baseball owns ESPN. Although there is the World Series of Poker…yeah, because that’s as action packed as hockey.


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